Quality is Our Commitment

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In the farms

Each crop is cultivated by new batch of Imported seeds, with prescribed soil, moisture and irrigation in accordance with the prevailing weather and temperature.

The crop is monitored by both the trained farmers and by the procurement team from the factory on a scheduled basis.

A central washing and dicing plant is installed so that soil erosion is minimum to the farmland. The root cubes are also sundried by spreading on black polymer sheets spread on the farms. This enables transportation of raw dried chicory with minimum attachements to the factory.

PMK executes all these operations directly from harvest stage.

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In the Factory

Strict quality control and process monitoring mechanisms are in place. To monitor the unloading, storage of dry chicory cubes.

The roasting and grading processes are semi-automatic machines wtih quality check at each stage of the process.

The final product is packed in double bags for minimum variation in humidity.

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Our Achivements

Our consistant persual of the quality and commitments have been appreciated from time to time by our patrons, we stive to nurture this trust and extend this pride to our employees and farmers.